Master Apprentice Language Learning Program (MALLP)

The FWLC have held 2 x Linguistic DRIL Training Workshops for local Indigenous Community Members in Ceduna over the past year that have be conducted by

Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity (RNLD). The workshops were held for those Community members wanting to gain more knowledge & structure of how the languages work and to become active language learns that might be able to learn and teach the language(s) of their choice.


Flexible DRIL Training Workshop 1 – 6th – 8th September 2016 (3 days), and

Flexible DRIL Training Workshop 2 – 22nd & 24th November 2016 (3 days)

The participants and others where then offered to register in a Certificate II in Master Apprentice Language Learning Program which was a 6 month course that taught a structured way of teaching and learning language(s). This course allows for any language to be put to the structure which is easy to implement into teaching language(s) and for other community members to learn and teach the method to family, friends and community members. The Far West Languages Centre is piloting this process in reviving the endangered languages of the region and it seems to be working very quickly with those who are engaging in coming into the Centre and learning the local languages.

Ceduna has the FIRST 9 Students to complete AUSTRALIA’S NATIONAL Course

Certificate II in Master Apprentice Language Learning Program

The Far West Language Centre assisted 10 local community members to register in the First Pilot Program Nationally of the Certificate II in Master Apprentice Language Learning Program (MALLP) that assists in the revival and restoration of endangered languages. Local community members who registered to do the course chose the language they wished to focus on during the 6 month course which was being held locally in the Ceduna and 9 students completed the course in August 2017.

The 6 month course delivered in Ceduna had 3 x 1 week Blocks that commence in February, May and August 2017 with requirements of 5hrs a week Language learning and 2 hrs a week Planning for language sessions in their Language Teams. There were many challenges during the course such as 2 living outside the Ceduna townships and many personal individual issues but the students did well to continue being Active Language Learners and worked very hard to complete the course.

CONGRATULATIONS to all Students and great work!

All Students who completed the course will be invited to attend a Graduation Ceremony before the end of 2017.

Master Apprentice Language Learning Program Information


  • to develop a pool of Indigenous regional trainers who will subsequently be able to deliver expert training in the Master-Apprentice method in communities, Indigenous organisations, and key Indigenous educational institutions across Australia,
  • to offer training in methods appropriate for use in locations which do not have a fluent language speaker population and thus which are not yet ready to develop Master-Apprentice teams; for example, ‘language pods’, which have been developed in the US by communities such as the Yurok of Northern California,
  • through this, to create local Master-Apprentice teams and language pods in numerous locations to help rebuild conversational fluency in Australia’s Indigenous languages.


The Master-Apprentice method pairs one speaker of the language (the master) with one apprentice belonging to the same ancestral language group, and the pair is trained in one-on-one language immersion techniques. The trained team commits to spending at least ten hours per week together teaching and learning the language.

The method was developed in the USA, where it is managed by the Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival



The FWLC assists in revitalisation and restoration of the local endangered languages in the Ceduna and surrounding areas.. The aim is to encourage engagement and increase understanding of West Coast Languages.

About FWLC

The FWLC is a language centre established by the Ceduna Aboriginal Corporation with the intention to revive and restore endangered languages within the regiona and to provide language resources and services for the Wirangu, Mirning and Gugada languages.

To find out more about the FWLC drop into the Far West Languages Centre situated inside the Ceduna Arts Centre at 2 Eyre Highway or call us on (08) 8625 3785.