Coodlie Park Boomerang Project

As part of a joint partnership project between the FWLC, Ceduna Aboriginal Arts and Culture Centre and the Ceduna Youth Hub, the FWLC ran a Boomerang language signage project at Coodlie Park.

Designing, painting and installing 18 Boomerangs at Coodlie Park, the FWLC is working to revitalise the Wirangu language in the linguistic landscape of the region by using Wirangu words as signage around the park.

This project was born out of the Elders and Youth Mentoring Camp that is run out of Coodlie Park to raise awareness about elder abuse prevention in a culturally appropriate way. The Boomerangs helped facilitate the language development within the region.


The FWLC assists in revitalisation and restoration of the local endangered languages in the Ceduna and surrounding areas.. The aim is to encourage engagement and increase understanding of West Coast Languages.

About FWLC

The FWLC is a language centre established by the Ceduna Aboriginal Corporation with the intention to revive and restore endangered languages within the regiona and to provide language resources and services for the Wirangu, Mirning and Gugada languages.

To find out more about the FWLC drop into the Far West Languages Centre situated inside the Ceduna Arts Centre at 2 Eyre Highway or call us on (08) 8625 3785.